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"கல் தோன்றி, மண் தோன்றாக் காலத்தே, வாளோடு முன் தோன்றிய தமிழனின் மூத்த குடி ஆயர் குடி " யாதவர்,ஆயர்,அண்டர்,பொதுவர்,கோவலர்,இடையர்,கோன்,கோனார்,பிள்ளை,கரையாளர்,தாஸ்,சேர்வை,கிதாரி,மந்திரி,யாதவ்

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Konar or Idaiyar or Tamil Yadavar is a Chandravanshi Kshatriya caste from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a sub-division of the Yadava community. They are also known as Ayars. Konars are distributed throughout the state of Tamil Nadu. They are one of the ancient Tamil castes.
The Yadavas of Tamilnadu were originally referred as ‘ARYAS’ in Tamil literature but locally called as ‘Idayans’. Even in the government records the community name was referred as ‘Idayans. Up to the Census 1921, the community name was noted as ‘Idayan’. The Tamil speaking Yadavas were referred as Idayans and the Telugu speaking Yadavas were referred as ‘Gollas’ and as Vaduga Aayars. The name of the community was notified as ‘Yadavas’ in government records as per the Government of Madras G.O.No.5240 Law (General) dt.13th December 1930. In the G. O. it was said that the term ‘Yadava’ shall in future be adopted in place of Golla, Idayan, Gola, Gopi or Goda in all official announcement. Accordingly in the Census 1931 the name of the community was noted as Yadava instead of Idayan. This is the last caste wise census enumerated.

Konar in ancient literature:
Ilango Adigal had mentioned Konars of Madurai in his Tamil epic Silapathikaram, which is considered to be one of the five famous epics of Tamil literature. According to this epic, they gave accommodation for Kannagi. They occupied grasslands known as Mullai in Ancient Tamil country. Konars traditionally raise cows, goats and sheeps and sell milk.

Notable Personalities in Konars:

Historical personalities:
Ayana Nayanar – One among 63 Nayanmars
Idaikaddar – One among 18 Siddhar
Ananda kone – Ruler of Gingee fort
Krishna kone – Ruler of Krishnagiri fort
Karmegha Konar – Very popular Tamil poet and educationalist and he is popularly known as Senna Pulavar,

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ஆயர் குல பட்டங்களும் பெயர்களும் யாதவர்,ஆயர்,அண்டர்,பொதுவர்,கோவலர்,இடையர்,கோன்,கோனார்,பிள்ளை,கரையாளர்,தாஸ்,சேர்வை,கிதாரி,மந்திரி,யாதவ்