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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Indian First Freedom Fighter veeran alagumuthu kone

Fought for the right to freedom of Thai soilveeran azhgumuth kone kumpiniyappatai feared warrior face to face , his hands and feet locked in chains , stopped in front of the cannon . Like him locked up in the hands of his six sub- commanders and 248 soldiers restricted to animals . `` This is the fate of those who oppose us kumpinippatai ekkalamittapati came round them . `E 'and elbow cannons .

            Statue of  Veeran Azhagu muthu Kone in chennai

veeran azhgumuth kone his players will be scattered body . It 's terrible mattamal had burned down , then burst out palampalamay natukkattu mandatory . `` Apologizes released right away , agree to pay the tax that comes to life and takes a lot kumpinippatai said , `` We are ready to kiss the mother 's death for the sake of the alakumuttu Cohn asked karjanaiyai kumpinippatai shook. Two hundred and forty-eight soldiers were wiped out by an angry cut shoulders . Seven tanks were stationed on the left side of the gate on the right side of the three commanders of the three generals veeran azhgumuth kone Cavalier parked in the middle .


    Statue of  Veeran Azhagu muthu Kone inTirunelveli(Nellai)

Cannons erupted . Zucchini natukkattu heroic sons of gory blood . The first offer its valuable lives for the liberation of India India has appeared on the front page of the history of the veeran azhgumuth kone champ . Thundered against the dominant powers, the independence hero who wanted to subjugate women and even proud of the Yadava community .


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